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Heatet water tap for outdoor applications!


The tool is to be used only at the point provided for this purpose on the TAP-Therm!

Power supply:
AC 230 volt, 50/60 Hz input
DC 12 volt output

AC 110 volt, 60 Hz input
DC 12 volt output

TAP-Therm has been developed especially for use as a freeze-proof outside tap. The system is activated automatically via an integrated temperature sensor when the temperature drops below 1 °C. When the temperature rises above 1 °C, the system is automatically deactivated. TAP-Therm has been tested for frost resistance down to a temperature of minus 45 °C

e. g. at filling stations, nurseries, houses, garages or as a garden tap on the outside wall

Only the TAP-Therm is heated and protected against freezing!
The heated tap does not protect the water supply pipe or garden hose
from freezing.

An appropriate position for the TAP-Therm is on the outside wall of a cellar,
for example, with the supply pipe being led from the frost-free inside of the
house through the house wall to the outside (see illustration).

To prevent damage to the electric lead (12 volt) and to protect the lead from external influences, a small hole can be drilled next to the TAP-Therm connection socket and the connecting cable connected to the power supply unit located in the cellar.

Assembly Instructions TAP-Therm:

  1. Shut off supply pipe to outside tap
  2. Lower pressure in the water pipe and drain the pipe via the outside tap
  3. Unscrew old outside tap
  4. Apply seal to TAP-Therm thread and screw back in place
  5. Insert TAP-Therm power supply unit in the socket and snap power supply connecting cable into the TAP-Therm connection socket READY